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You can edit your own profile by clicking on Edit Profile on the top right of your page.  This will display the information fields.  You may also include your telephone number, Facebook or Twitter contact, if you choose to do so. 

 Edit your profile

Fill in the information in the blank fields.  We encourage members to provide their Country, State, District, Club, and E-Mail, so that they may be more easily found.  


To upload a profile photo, click on Choose File.  Browse your photos on your computer and select the photo you wish to use as your profile photo.  If you choose to change your profile photo, click on Choose File again and select a different photo.  Your original photo will be deleted and replaced with your alternate selection.


Only one photo can be uploaded as your profile photo; but you can insert other photos by clicking on Add Images to the Gallery


Ideally, photos should be 700 x 400 px in size.


You may also add attachments, such as your business card or other document, by clicking on Attachments and browsing your computer for the item you choose.


Additional information about you may be added in essay format by typing in the window provided.


When you have completed the edit click the Submit button bottom left.


You may download a copy of this if you wish.