We have the following article published about us in Networker District 9800 which was written by Secretary Madu.



Rotarian Singles Fellowship.


By Madu Bishnu, International Service Chair, Rotary E-Club of Melbourne

The Fellowship was started in 2009 by Marlene Daniels of Rotary Oakland in US with the thought that after becoming a widow she became lonely and wanted a fellowship just for Singles, not Rotarians who come as Single in RI Conventions. She immediately started working on it and the Fellowship was chartered in 2009. The dues are $20 lifetime. Currently we have 302 members from 50 countries and most of our members are from US. 

We meet every year during RI Conventions and we have a booth, we have an Annual General Meeting and since the past three years we are having breakout sessions which is Chaired by Tris Tristram from UK and I am a co panelist along with other Fellowship. 

In earlier RI Conventions we have had cruises, we eat dinners in restaurants together most of the evenings and we have Rotarians staying in same hotel and even sharing rooms to cut down on costs.


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